Wednesday, November 15, 2017

17 Wonderful Weekday Menu

Wonderful Weekdays 😋😊

Order at least 24 hours in advance to serve from Indianapolis to Madison.



Pulled pork barbecue
Slowly smoked and pulled

Grand Champion Decadent macaroni and cheese
Chef Alexa’s winning recipe

Barbecue jackfruit
Spicey vegan vegetable barbecue

Apple cider pork loin
Tasty and delicious with apple cider

Home-Style Meatloaf 
Traditional meatloaf with tomato sauce

Shepherd’s pie
Classic layered dish with beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and cheddar

Tex-Mex chicken
Cheesy chicken with a Rotelle sauce

Lemon rosemary chicken
Boneless, skinless breasts with rosemary and lemon. Sauces on the side.

Baked chicken Alfredo
Hearty cream sauce with chicken and penne pasta

Pulled barbecue chicken
Tossed in Chef Alexa’s own sauce

Coconut and cashew garbanzos
A vegan dish with curried vegetables, coconut, cashews, garbanzos, raisins, and rice

Everything Else You Need
Fried apples
Fresh from the garden salad
Hoosier broccoli salad
Mashed potatoes
Twice-baked potato casserole
Bacon braised green beans
Southern black eyed pea salad
Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
Creamy coleslaw
Ambrosia salad
Baked potato salad
Kale and quinoa salad
Cowboy baked beans
Seasonal fruit salad
Root vegetable salad with fresh citrus
Crunchy potato chips
Freshly baked bread with butter
Buns and fixin’s bar
Candy bar cookies
Gourmet rice crispy treats
240sweet marshmallow display
Assorted cans of pop and bottled water

Pricing, Each Guest

Disposable serviceware included in pricing

One Entrée with 2 Everything Else You Need:  10.50
Two Entrees with 3 Everything Else You Need: 12.50
Three Entrees with 4 Everything Else You Need: 15.50
Each additional Everything Else You Need: 1.50

The Fine Print:
Pricing subject to change without notice.
Monday through Thursday: 10 person minimum; Friday: 25 person minimum

10:00 am to 6:00 pm or pick up available. 

Delivery charges calculated based upon location. Pick up available.

Disposable chafing dishes available for an additional charge. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Enjoy a deliciously stress-free Thanksgiving with Gourmet foods from Artisan Foodworks



A stress-free, delicious Thanksgiving by picking up gourmet foods from Artisan Foodworks

Pick up time on Wednesday(22nd Nov) 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Pick up time on Friday        (24th Nov)  9:00 am to 3:30 pm 
Pick up time on Saturday    (25th Nov)  9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Gourmet Platters and Holiday Foods is 33% off if ordered by 12.08.17. Can be picked up through 12.30.17

Call 812-372-9898 to order your Thanksgiving Dinner for pickup!
  • Fresh and fancy foods for you to serve
  • 3 business days’ notice required for pick-up or delivery
  • Customers can pick up hot or with heating instructions

Featured Items
~ served at room temperature~

Jumbo shrimp platter
Whole shrimp served with hand-grated horseradish cocktail sauce
35 pieces
Sale price: 80.40

Beef tenderloin platter
Medium-rare deliciousness slice and served with split silver dollar rolls. Chef’s choice sauce and creamy horseradish on the side
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 201.00

Holiday Favorites
~ available hot or cold~
5-lbs serves 15-20 people
15-lbs serves 50-60 people

Brown sugar glazed ham
County pit ham with chunks of pineapple glazed with brown sugar
5 lbs 67.50  
Sale price: 44.75

15 lbs 157.50
Sale price 105.53

Carved turkey breast
Slices of real turkey in rich gravy
5 lbs 120.00  
Sale price: 80.40

Hoosier broccoli salad
5 lbs 50.00
Sale price: 33.50

15 lbs 140.00
Sale price: 93.80

Creamy mashed potatoes
5 lbs 38.00
Sale price: 25.46  

15 lbs 114.00
Sale price: 76.38

Maple pecan sweet potato casserole with cinnamon artisan marshmallows
5 lbs 60.00
Sale price: 40.20

15 lbs 180.00
Sale price: 120.60

Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese
5 lbs 75.00 
Sale price: 50.25

15 lbs 225.00
Sale price: 150.75

5 lbs 24.00
Sale price: 16.08

15 lbs 63.00
Sale price: 42.21

Cranberry celebration salad
5 lbs 45.00
Sale price: 30.15

Party Time Favorites
~ served at room temperature~

Candied bacon
With a slight kick and served on a stick
30 pieces
Sale price: 60.30 

Gourmet cheese platter
Imported and domestic cheese assortment, garnished with grapes, berries, and nuts. Served with gourmet crackers
Serves up to 25          
Sale price: 100.50 

Marinated and fresh vegetable display
A beautiful arrangement of marinated and fresh vegetables served with green goddess dip
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 83.75  
Acorn squash and truffled white bean platter
Smoked acorn squash, truffled white beans, roasted pumpkin seeds, and marinated vegetables. Served with crusty European bread and olive oil.
Serves up to 20          
Sale price: 100.50

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables
A mélange of roasted wild mushrooms, eggplant, artichoke hearts, caramelized onion, sundried tomato, and spinach. Basil peppadew pesto (vegan) with split silver dollar rolls on the side.
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 87.10

Gourmet mini sandwiches
A selection of mozzarella caprese, chicken with cranberry-orange chutney, and Burtons’ maple syrup and stone ground mustard ham sandwiches on silver dollar rolls
Serves up to 25

Sale price: 64.32 

Blackberry BBQ meatballs
In our own barbecue sauce
100 pieces
Sale price: 48.24

Pulled pork barbecue
Smoked over hickory, hand-pulled, and tossed in our own barbecue sauce. Accompanied by split silver dollar rolls
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 53.60

Southern dip station
Pimento cheese, beer cheese, and lemon hummus with assorted dippers
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 80.40

Fresh seasonal fruit platter
Wedges of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and pineapple garnished with strawberries, orange cartwheels and clusters of red, seedless grapes Served with honey yogurt dipping sauce
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 64.32


Mini dessert assortment
Includes mini cookies, mini brownie bites and marshmallows
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 48.24

Sweet dip
Fresh strawberries, graham crackers, brownie bites, and mini cookies with marshmallow whip made into a dip
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 56.95

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sea Monster and Popcorn Soup

Chef Alexa casts a spell upon her Popcorn and Lobster Soup for Halloween. She adds lobster claws and eyeballs to her original recipe, which won both “Most Creative” and “Best Gluten Free” at the 2015 Indy SoupFest. For Artisan Foodworks catering events, she serves smaller portions of the original recipe in shot glasses as an appetizer.

  1. Two whole cooked sea monsters*
  2. 1 ¼ cups butter, separated into 1 and ¼ cups
  3. 1 quart heavy whipping cream
  4. 4 quarts popcorn, popped
  5. 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  6. ½ cup sea monster stock*
  7. 8 candy eye balls
  8. 1 cup caramel corn


1. From whole sea monster, break off claws and put aside.
2. Remove meat from tail, body, and legs.
3. On stovetop, warm sea monster meat in ¼ cup butter. Set aside.
4. In a thick soup pot, bring heavy whipping cream, butter, and salt to a boil.
5. Gradually add popcorn, whisking until the popcorn dissolves. Let the shell fall to the bottom of the pot.
6. Simmer until it thickens to coat the back of a spoon.
7. Remove from heat and strain soup to remove all remaining popcorn pieces.
8. Stir in sea monster stock.
9. Divide sea monster pieces and place in the bottom of soup bowls. Ladle soup into the bowls.
10. Stick a sea monster claw into each bowl, letting it just out. Divide popcorn into four portions and sprinkle around claws. Place two eye balls on top of each one.

*If sea monster and sea monster stock not available, substitute lobster.

Serves 4.

This original recipe is the property of Chef Alexa Lemley and may not be reprinted without permission.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

TroubleMaker Ganache Bites Recipe

Here’s what you need:
  • 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate- 10 oz chopped
  • Heavy cream- 1/2 cup
  • TroubleMaker Red Blend Wine- 5 tablespoon
  • Raspberries- 12
  • Mini Tart shells-  12 (either homemade or purchased)
Here’s how you put together this easy-peasy five-ingredient recipe!
  • In a small saucepan bring cream to simmer.
  • Remove from heat, add chocolate, whisk till smooth, add wine, whisk till combined.
  • Pour Ganache into tart shells, top each tart with a raspberry pointing up, placed in the center.
  • Allow to set till firm.
  • Serve & get into Trouble

17 Hoosier Favorites Weekday Buffet

812.372.9898  |  |

17 Hoosier Favorites Weekday Buffet
Book by November 15 to save 25%!

A special menu for fall and winter 2017/2018. Available Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day.

To book your event, call Sam at 812.372.9898

Buffet Entrees

Mushroom beef
Mushroom mélange with chunks of beef in a brown gravy

Bourbon beef
In a brown sauce with celery, carrots, and onions

Angus top round
Carved at the buffet with Chef’s selection of sauces on the side (upgrade for 2.50 each guest)

Honey-glazed pork loin
One of Chef Alexa’s favorite dishes, smoked over hickory

Apple glazed ham
A savory and sweet twist on the classic

Classic ham
Slices of ham in a brown sugar sauce

Whole local pig (Pictured)
Smoked over hickory and pulled on-site with barbecue sauces on the side
100 guests minimum

Pulled pork barbecue
Slowly smoked and pulled, then tossed in Chef Alexa’s own classic barbecue sauce

Cajun jambalaya
A mélange of chicken and sausage with vegetables and rice prepared with Cajun seasonings

Roasted turkey
Hand-carved real turkey in a classic gravy

Grilled duck breasts
Served medium-rare with Chef Alexa’s blueberry sauce (upgrade for 2.50 each guest)

Smoked chicken
Whole pieces of chicken with Chef’s selection of sauces on the side

Rosemary chicken
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts glazed with a rosemary, lemon, and butter sauce (upgrade for 1.00 each guest)

Barbecue Jackfruit (pictured)
Spicy vegan vegetable barbecue

Vegetarian jambalaya
Cajun dish cooked and served in our giant pan of vegetables, red beans, and rice

On the Side

Hoosier broccoli salad
Southern black-eyed pea salad
Creamy coleslaw
Cowboy baked beans
Ambrosia salad
Bacon braised green beans
Watergate salad
Traditional potato salad
Bacon and bourbon collard greens
Macaroni salad
Roasted red and gold potatoes
Fresh from the garden salad with ranch and seasonal vinaigrette
Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
Roasted root vegetables
Homestyle fruit salad with fresh mint
Crunchy potato chips
Sweet potato salad with cranberries and nuts
Cranberry celebration salad
Freshly baked bread with butter
Buns and fixin’s bar
Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese (upgrade for 1.00 each guest)
Sweet dip with strawberries, brownies, and cookies
Buttercream frosted marble sheet cake
Dessert handling service
Sweet tea and fruited water station


Eco-friendly plates with disposable cups, forks, knives, and napkins.

*Sustainably harvested palm leaf plates with stainless steel flatware, eco-friendly cups, and deluxe paper napkins (upgrade of 1.00 each guest). Available only for full service caterings.

China with flatware, glassware, water service, and white cloth napkins (upgrade for 5.00 each guest). Available only for full-service caterings.

Pricing, Each Guest

One Entrée, and four On the Side with Serviceware: 14.00

Two Entrees, and five on the Side with Serviceware: 19.00

Three Entrees, and six on the Side with Serviceware: 24.00

Add additional On the Side: 1.50 each guest


Monday through Friday: 500.00 food each shift

Not available for already booked events.

Subject to date availability.

Indiana sales tax not included in pricing.

One hour of direct service with 20% service staff charge added to final bill for full service.  

Travel charges may apply for events further than 40 miles from our commissary. Artisan Foodworks does not pay for kitchen or venue usage—any applicable charges are the responsibility of the client.

Drop-off delivery charges are calculated based upon location and date. Set up is included. Disposable chafing dishes available at an additional charge.

Pricing subject to change without notice. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Holiday Menu Introductory Special Offer

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Executive Chef Alexa Lemley of Artisan Foodworks invited VIP customers, local bloggers, and influencers to 'The Chef's Table', to get a taste of her new Holiday menu. She also served Rhone Ranger wine that she discovered from her James Beard Foundation grant (more info at the bottom). This free event was by invitation only. Who knows? You might be lucky to get an invite to the next one. 


Book By 

OCTOBER 16 to SAVE 25% on our new Holiday Party Menu

Delight and impress your guests at holiday events this year. Indulge in a bountiful array of Chef Alexa’s favorite delicacies artfully displayed. To please both vegans and carnivores, this heavy hors d’oeuvres menu serves as a meal. Perfect for mingling and noshing, these new dishes are added as the evening progresses. Along with chef’s choice surprises, this menu includes the following items:

Brazilian steak sandwiches
Steak and onion salad nestled in gluten free cheese bread

Chicken skin chicharrons
Crispy pieces with hot sauce

Sunset cured salmon
House-cured lox in a rainbow of colors


Deviled quail eggs
Miniature eggs with a deviled yolk

Candied bacon on a stick
All the deliciousness in the world—on a stick

Bagna Calda
Warm roasted garlic dip

Animal butter
Bone marrow butter to spread on bread
Vietnamese caramel corn
                                                                 Zesty with pistachios

Humboldt Fog Brulee
Artisan goat cheese topped with burnt sugar

Fresh fruit
Chef’s selection of seasonal fruit which may include figs, raspberries, and strawberries

Pickled veggies
Seasonal pickled veggies

Vegan faux gras
Pate that is vegan and gluten-free

Goat horn peppers
Sweet and sassy pickled peppers

Truffled salami and Maple Leaf Farms smoked duck breast with both seasonal fruit and grain mustard

Pork belly banh mi
Crusty Vietnamese sandwich of pate, pickled veggies, and pork belly

Salted chocolate chip cookies
Chef Alexa’s signature bite-sized treat

Troublemaker Ganache bites
Red wine infused dark chocolate

Olive Oil cake
Drizzled with honey and topped with sweet goat cheese

Gourmet breads and dippers
Hand-made crackers, poppadum, assorted fresh veggies, and crusty French bread

Acquiesce Winery located in the Lodi Appellation of California offers award-winning premium white and rosé wine. 2016 Viognier served at the Chef's Table pairs well with fish, Asian dishes, vegetables and citrus salads.

 Click here for Acquiesce Winery

Click here for Troublemaker

Palm leaf plates and cocktail napkins

1000.00 serves up to 25
750.00 Introductory special offer


Beef tenderloin sliders
With fresh horseradish crème fraiche
131.25 Introductory special offer

Seared deep water Pacific tuna loin
With ponzu sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger
450.00 Introductory special offer

Lobster BLTs
On sliced brioche with lemon aioli, local bacon, heirloom tomatoes, and lobster
150.00 Introductory special offer

Venison tenderloin
With bourbon fig relish and sautéed wild mushrooms
750.00 Introductory special offer

Japanese A5 Wagyu Striploin
Seared and served with Maldon sea salt
1500.00 Introductory special offer

Foie gras
Whole foie gras in a jar with delectable accompaniments
93.75 Introductory special offer

Tsar Nicolai caviar
With crème fraiche, blini, chopped egg, and onion
1406.25 Introductory special offer


Serves up to 25 people. Food is open for 3 hours. Indiana sales tax and 20% professional service staff charge not included in pricing. Not available for all venues. Events further than 40 miles from our commissary may incur a travel surcharge.