Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Fabulous Flavors

Includes eco-friendly plates and disposable serviceware

Select five

Pimento Peppadews (pictured)
Chef Alexa stuffs piquant peppers with pimento cheese

Popcorn and lobster soup shots
Decadent popcorn soup with sweet chunks of lobster. Winner of both “Most Creative” and “Best Gluten Free” at the 2015 Indy Soupfest.

Devilled egg assortment
Classic devilled eggs with a tasty twist: bacon, chipotle and black truffle oil

Candied bacon on a stick
All of the deliciousness of the world—on a stick

Blackberry meatballs
Blackberry barbecue sauce on classic meatballs

Pulled pork canapes (pictured)

Chef Alexa’s fresh smoked pork on a polenta cake with house-made pickles

Southern dip station
Pimento cheese, beer cheese, and boiled peanut hummus with assorted dippers

Truffle and parmesan potatoes
Petite potatoes stuffed with creamy parmesan and blessed with truffle oil

Stuffed dates
Bourbon soaked dates stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto

Macaroni and cheese bites (pictured)
Chef Alexa’s Grand Champion dish served in a phyllo cup

Domestic cheese and fruit display
A selection of American cheeses with fresh fruit and gourmet crackers

Marshmallow pops platter
A selection of 240sweet puffs dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and served on a stick

Stuffed strawberries (pictured)
Amaretto-infused ricotta cheese with almonds in fresh strawberries

Minimum of 50 guests Monday through Thursday.
Minimum of 100 guests Friday through Sunday
Add additional selections for 3.00 each guest
Upgrade to passed service for 5.00 each guest
25.00 each guest
Special offer: 20.00 each guest

Delicious Bites

Includes disposable serviceware

Choose five

Classic barbecue meatballs
With Chef Alexa’s barbecue sauce

Candied bacon on a stick
All of the deliciousness of the world—on a stick

Chipotle devilled eggs
The classic party food with a little kick

Lemon hummus
Chickpea dip with veggie dippers and pita chips

Fiesta dips
Salsa fresca and queso with crunchy tortilla chips

Pimento cheese
With buttery crackers and crusty bread

Brie and grapes
Triple crème cheese with grapes and crusty bread

Pepper jelly dip
Pepper jelly with cream cheese and crackers

Marshmallow display
A selection of 240sweet marshmallows

Mini cookies
Assorted mini cookies garnished with strawberries

Minimum of 50 guests Monday through Thursday
Minimum of 100 guests Friday through Sunday

Add additional selections for 2.00 each guest
15.00 each guest
Special offer: 10.00 each guest

Fancy and Fun

Glass plates and stainless steel flatware included

Choose five

Beef tenderloin
Served medium rare with Chef’s choice sauces and mini buns

Jumbo prawns
With zesty cocktail sauce

Foie gras mousse
On crisps with blackberry and cognac sauce

Mini lobster rolls
Maine lobster with mayo and celery on tiny buns

Tuna crisps
Fresh tuna on a crisp with wasabi cream and ginger

Charcuterie display
Cured meats including salami an rillettes with almonds, honeycomb, apricots, bread and crackers

Crudités cups
Cucumber cups filled with fresh veggies and dip

Asparagus spears
With truffle and parmesan

Fruit and cheese display
An assortment of cheese with fresh fruit and gourmet crackers

Bee stings
Cubes of parmesan dressed with honey and truffle oil

Deluxe S’more on a Stick Station
240sweet puffs toasted and rolled in toppings

Mini dessert assortment
A selection of Chef’s choice desserts that may include French macaron, marshmallows, mini cheesecakes, and strawberries

Minimum of 100 guests Monday through Saturday
Minimum of 150 guests Sunday

Add additional selections for 5.00 each guest
35.00 each guest
Special offer: 30.00 each guest

The Fine Print
Prices subject to change without notice
Service staff on-site for two hours of direct service
20% Service charge will be added to final invoice
Travel charge may apply to events more than 40 miles from Artisan Foodworks commissary
Not available for use at all venues.

Sea Monster and Popcorn Soup

Chef Alexa casts a spell upon her Popcorn and Lobster Soup for Halloween. She adds lobster claws and eyeballs to her original recipe, which won both “Most Creative” and “Best Gluten Free” at the 2015 Indy Soupfest. For Artisan Foodworks catering events, she serves smaller portions of the original recipe in shot glasses as an appetizer.

We are excited to make our Spooky Rice Krispy Treats with IndyStyle on Channel 8 WISH-TV this Friday, October 30, 2015 starting at 9AM. Come watch us on the live show!


  1. Two whole cooked sea monsters*
  2. 1 ¼ cups butter, separated into 1 and ¼ cups
  3. 1 quart heavy whipping cream
  4. 4 quarts popcorn, popped
  5. 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  6. ½ cup sea monster stock*
  7. 8 candy eye balls
  8. 1 cup caramel corn


1. From whole sea monster, break off claws and put aside.
2. Remove meat from tail, body, and legs.
3. On stovetop, warm sea monster meat in ¼ cup butter. Set aside.
4. In a thick soup pot, bring heavy whipping cream, butter, and salt to a boil.
5. Gradually add popcorn, whisking until the popcorn dissolves. Let the shell fall to the bottom of the pot.
6. Simmer until it thickens to coat the back of a spoon.
7. Remove from heat and strain soup to remove all remaining popcorn pieces.
8. Stir in sea monster stock.
9. Divide sea monster pieces and place in the bottom of soup bowls. Ladle soup into the bowls.
10. Stick a sea monster claw into each bowl, letting it just out. Divide popcorn into four portions and sprinkle around claws. Place two eye balls on top of each one.

*If sea monster and sea monster stock not available, substitute lobster.

Serves 4.

This original recipe is the property of Chef Alexa Lemley and may not be reprinted without permission.