Thursday, February 18, 2016

Monte Carlo Night at The Commons

On January 15, 2016, Integrity One Technologies: A Xerox Company hosted their Monte Carlo Night at the Commons in Columbus, IN. We served them items from the Gourmet Stations menu at their event. 

Here is the Decadent Beef Tenderloin Station
Chef Alexa is cutting the beef tenderloin for guests

Here is the Grilled Chicken Breasts station with Cheesy Corn. 

Chef Alexa sautés the mushrooms with garlic, onion, and sweet peppers in a big pan.
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Pulled Pork Recipe

1 - Pork Shoulder

2 tablespoons coarse sea salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon garlic, granulated
1/2 tablespoon onion powder
1/2 tablespoon black pepper
1/2 tablespoon smoked paprika
1/2 tablespoon red pepper flakes

Mix together the spices then rub the spices on the pork butt. Refrigerate overnight

We at Artisan Foodworks smoke our pork for 16 hours, over hickory at 180°F 

If you don’t have a smoker, don’t worry! Turn your oven on to 200°F. Place the pork, fat side up, on a baking pan. Slide it the oven and give it an undisturbed 12-16 hours cooking time. When the bone slides out easily, your pork is ready! At that point, use tongs to gently pull the meat apart and sauce with your favorite BBQ sauce.

This savory food item can be found on the 16 Fresh Favorites menu in the previous blog post. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Menu Deal: Fresh Favorites

16 Fresh Favorites

Delight your co-workers, family, and friends with this menu. Pick up or full service.



Bourbon beef
Beef with peppers, onions, mushrooms, celery, and carrots in a brown bourbon sauce

Teriyaki beef
Beef with pineapples and peppers in a delicious teriyaki sauce

Chile pork
Shredded pork in a chile, lime, and garlic sauce

Pulled pork barbecue
Slowly smoked and pulled, then tossed in Chef Alexa’s own classic barbecue sauce

Wild mushroom chicken
Boneless chicken breasts in a creamy mushroom sauce

Teriyaki chicken
Chunks of chicken with pineapples and peppers in a delicious teriyaki sauce

Red curry coconut chicken
Chicken in a red curry sauce with carrots, peppers, and celery

Barbecue chicken
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts in classic sauce

Classic lasagna
Layers of meat, cheese, tomato sauce, and noodles

Vegetable lasagna
Layers of veggies, cheese, tomato sauce, and noodles

Coconut and cashew garbanzos
A vegan dish with curried vegetables, coconut, cashews, garbanzos, raisins, and rice

Barbecue jackfruit
Spicy vegan vegetable barbecue

Everything Else You Need

Hoosier broccoli salad
Summer cucumber and tomato salad with onions and vinaigrette
Bacon braised green beans
Southern black eyed pea salad
Creamy coleslaw
Ambrosia salad
Pesto pasta salad
Traditional potato salad
Kale and quinoa salad
Cowboy baked beans
Potato chips
Freshly baked bread with butter
Buns and fixin’s bar
Disposable serviceware
Desert serviceware/handling
Sweet tea and fruited water station**

Upgrade for 1.00 more each guest

Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese
Fresh fruit salad
Kansas City cheesy corn
Hand-mashed potatoes
Au gratin potatoes
Jasmine rice
Bacon braised green beans
Confetti corn
Fresh from the garden salad with ranch and vinaigrette
Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
Marbled sheet cake
Eco-friendly plates with flatware and deluxe paper napkins**

Pricing, Each Guest
**Available only for buffet/full service


One Entrée with four Everything Else You Need (Included):  8.50
Two Entrees with four Everything Else You Need (Included): 10.50
Each additional Everything Else You Need (Included): 1.00
Each additional Everything Else You Need: (Premium): 1.50

Rental Additions**

Water service with glassware: 1.50
China, flatware, and deluxe paper napkins: 4.00
White cloth table covers for guest tables and buffet: 2.00 each guest
White cloth napkins: 1.00
10x10 Food service tent with 3 tables: 1.00

The Fine Print:
Monday through Friday: 250.00 minimum order for pick up. 500.00 minimum order for buffet/full service.
Saturday and Sunday: 500.00 minimum order for pick up. 1000.00 minimum order for buffet/full service.

One hour of direct service with 20% service staff charge added to final invoice for buffet/full service. Booking fee is minimum for all dates. Fresh Favorites not available at all venues. Travel charges may apply for events further than 40 miles from our commissary. Service staff overage charges may apply for some Rental  Additions.