Thursday, May 11, 2017

Street Taco Fiesta

Street Taco Fiesta Menu 

Love street tacos and casual foods? You’re in for a treat with this menu. You can even have them served from our food truck! Or have the food served as a buffet. 

Introductory Special Offer
Save 25% when you book by June 15, 2017

To book, call Sam at (812) 372-9898 or email

Appetizer Station

Fresh salsa and chips
Fruit and tomato salsas with crunchy corn tortilla chips

Rotel dip
Classic dip of warm cheese with tomatoes and chiles. Served with crunchy corn tortilla chips

Fresh vegetables and dip
Display of seasonal fresh vegetables with chipotle ranch dipping sauce

Build Your Own Taco Bar
Served with corn or flour tortillas, diced onions, cilantro, radish, jalapeno slices, charred pineapple, queso fresco, lime wedges, and assorted hot sauces

Pork al paster
Roasted pork shoulder marinated in pineapple and aromatics

Seasoned ground beef with tomato, lettuce, and cheddar

Chicken tinga
Shredded chicken with braised smoky peppers and sweet peppers

Beef bulgogi
East meets west with delicious beef dish marinated in soy sauce

Strips of steak with peppers and onion

Margarita shrimp
Lime and tequila marinated shrimp

Raspberry chipotle duck
Shredded Hoosier duck smoked over hickory

Shitake and hibiscus flower
Great for vegans. A mixture of freshly sautéed mushrooms with hibiscus flowers and red chiles

Barbecue jackfruit
Spicey vegan vegetable barbecue

Everything Else You Need

Grilled sweet plantains
Stewed black beans
Hot and zesty quinoa
Cilantro brown rice
Classic Mexican rice
Refried beans
Guacamole with chips
Sweet potato salad with vinaigrette
Black bean and corn salad with avocado
Extra Fiery Takis
Mexican street corn salad
Grilled corn on the cob with fixin’s
Confetti corn

Tropical fruit display with Tajin sprinkles and coconut marshmallow dip
Fresh watermelon slices
Tres leches cake
Lemon bars
Watermelon aqua fresca and fruited water*
Horchata and Zen water*
Dessert handling service*
Disposable serviceware

Subject to date availability. Introductory Special Offer pricing not valid for events already booked.

Pricing, Each Guest
Add palm leaf plates, flatware, and deluxe paper napkins with water service: 3.50 each guest
Add white buffet and guest table linens for 2.50 each guest
Add white linen napkins for 1.00 each guest


One appetizer and three tacos with four Everything Else You Need:  20.00

Two appetizers with four tacos with five Everything Else You Need: 26.00

Each additional Appetizer or Everything Else You Need: 2.00

Upgrade to food truck service: 1.00 each guest

Pick Up or Drop Off
*Not available with Pick Up or Drop Off services

250.00 minimum for Pick Up service Monday through Friday/500.00 for Drop Off service
500.00 minimum for Pick Up service on Saturdays or Sundays/1000.00 for Drop Off service

Disposable chafing dishes available

Delivery fees determined by address and date of delivery

With Service
Appetizer station with buffet

500.00 food/serviceware minimum Monday through Friday/Booking fee of 500.00

1500.00 food/serviceware minimum on Saturdays and Sundays/Booking fee of 1000.00

Handling fee will be charged for serviceware and foods not provided by Artisan Foodworks

Professional catering equipment rental included with pricing (including but not limited to salt and pepper shakers, chafing dishes, platters, serving utensils, and bussing trays)

20% service staff charge added to all buffets

One and a half hours of direct service included