Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cookout Foods Menu

Cookout Foods Menu
Featuring  foods cooked on-site for the ultimate in deliciousness

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Send an email to or call 812.372.9898 to set up service. 

Save at least 33% off regular menu pricing when you book by May 31 for your 2018 event


Quarter pound burgers, garden burgers, and hot dogs
Grilled on-site and served with buns and fixin’s

Beef brisket
Mouth-watering brisket smoked over hickory and bourbon barrel staves. With sauces on the side
Upgrade for 1.50 each guest

Sirloin steak
Half pound sirloin steaks grilled on site to medium. With steak sauce on the side.
Upgrade for 6.00 each guest

Whole local pig
Smoked over hickory and pulled on-site with assorted barbecue sauces on the side. 75 guest minimum

Syrah! for ribs
Deliciously tender because they are smoked over hickory and basted with a red wine barbecue sauce
Upgrade for 3.00 each guest

Pulled pork barbecue
Slowly smoked and pulled, then tossed in Chef Alexa’s own classic barbecue sauce

Grilled duck breasts
Maple Leaf farms breasts served medium-rare with Chef Alexa’s blueberry sauce
Upgrade for 4.00 each guest

Barbecue chicken
Whole chicken pieces smoked and basted with barbecue sauce

Chicken skewers
Grilled chicken on a stick with Chef’s choice sauces on the side

Barbecue jackfruit
Spicy vegan vegetable barbecue. Did you see that Chef Alexa was featured in Thrillist for her recipe?

 Impossible burger
Vegan “beef” with cashew “cheese” served with buns and condiments
Add for 2.75 each guest

Bacon and bourbon collard greens

Confetti corn

Fresh from the garden salad with ranch and vinaigrette
Homestyle fruit salad
Watermelon and feta salad

Ambrosia salad

Hoosier broccoli salad
Southern black eyed pea salad

Creamy coleslaw
Crunchy potato chips with sour cream dip
Cowboy baked beans

Vegetarian baked beans
Bacon braised green beans

Fire kissed vegetables

Fresh vegetable display with home-made ranch dip

Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese (upgrade for 1.00 each guest)

Traditional potato salad
Red bliss potatoes

Freshly baked bread with butter    
Cornbread with whipped butter
Marbled sheet cake with buttercream frosting

Gourmet rice crispy treats

Sweet dip with strawberries, brownies, and cookies

S’more on a Stick Station**

Dessert service**
Sweet tea and fruited water station**

Eco-friendly plates with disposable eating utensils and deluxe paper napkins

Rustic blue enamelware with flatware and deluxe paper napkins (upgrade for 1.00 each guest)

Sustainably harvested banana palm plates with flatware and white cloth napkins (upgrade for 1.50 each guest)


One Entrée with three Also Important and Service Ware: 15.00
100 OR MORE GUESTS: 9.00
200 OR MORE GUESTS: 8.00
300 OR MORE GUESTS: 7.00

Two Entrees with four Also Important and Service Ware: 20.00
100 OR MORE GUESTS: 12.40
200 OR MORE GUESTS: 11.40
300 OR MORE GUESTS: 12.40

Three Entrees with five Also Important and Service Ware: 25.00
100 OR MORE GUESTS: 15.75
200 OR MORE GUESTS: 14.75
300 OR MORE GUESTS: 13.75

Each additional Everything Else You Need or Appetizer: 2.50

Monday through Friday: 500.00 food minimum

Saturday and Sunday: 1000.00 food minimum
Holidays: 2000.00 food minimum

Booking fee (credited towards final bill) is minimum for date.

Subject to date availability.

Pricing not valid for events already booked.

Artisan Foodworks does not pay venue fees (if applicable they are the responsibility of client).

Indiana sales tax of 7% not included in pricing.

20% service charge will be added to final bill.

10% gratuity will be added to final bill.

One hour of direct service included for each 100 guests.

Events more than 40 miles from our commissary may incur travel fees.

Pricing subject to change without notice without price lock.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fresh and Fancy Foods Menu

Fresh and Fancy Foods Menu
For pick up or delivery

For more information visit our website at

Send an email to or call 812.372.9898 to set up service. 

Book by April 30 to save 33% on this menu for your 2018 event

Served at room temperature

Sugar cane shrimp
Rum and lime glazed jumbo shrimp skewered with a piece of sugar cane
35 pieces
Sale price: 80.40

Beef tenderloin platter
Medium-rare deliciousness sliced and served with split silver dollar rolls. Chef’s choice sauce and creamy horseradish on the side
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 201.00

Tsar Nicoulai Estate caviar platter
With crème fraiche, blini, cheese breads, chopped egg, and purple onion
Must be ordered 10 business days in advance
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 1256.25

Chef Alexa’s foie gras
Whole foie gras in jars with delectable accompaniments
Must be ordered 10 business days in advance
Serves up to 20
Sale price: 167.50

Acorn squash and truffled white bean platter
Smoked acorn squash, truffled white beans, roasted pumpkin seeds, and marinated vegetables. Served with crusty European bread and olive oil.
Serves up to 20          
Sale price: 100.50 

Served at room temperature

Sweet and sassy bacon and pistachio caramel corn
Serves up to 25 people
Sale price: 33.50

Watermelon and feta salad
Serves up to 25 people
Sale price: 33.50

Hoosier broccoli salad
Serves up to 25 people
Sale price: 33.50

Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese
Serves up to 25 people
Sale price: 50.25

Farm vegetable display
A colorful arrangement of seasonal fresh and marinated vegetables served with house-made ranch
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 83.75

Fresh seasonal fruit platter
Wedges of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and pineapple garnished with strawberries, orange cartwheels and clusters of red, seedless grapes Served with honey yogurt dipping sauce
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 64.32

Served at room temperature

Candied bacon
With a slight kick and served on a stick
45 pieces
Sale price: 60.30 

Gourmet mini sandwiches
A selection of mozzarella caprese, chicken with seasonal chutney, and Burtons’ maple syrup and stone ground mustard ham sandwiches on silver dollar rolls
25 sandwiches
Sale price: 64.32 

Blackberry barbecue meatballs
In our own barbecue sauce
100 pieces
Sale price: 48.24

Pulled pork barbecue
Smoked over hickory, hand-pulled, and tossed in our own barbecue sauce. Accompanied by split mini rolls
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 53.60

Humboldt Fog brûlée
Artisan goat cheese with caramelized sugar. Accompanied by fresh berries and crusty European bread
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 83.75  

Pepper jam dip
Sweet and spicy jam spread over whipped goat cheese
Serves up to 30
Sale price: 50.25

Dip time
Buffalo hummus with bleu cheese, beet hummus with goat cheese, and lemon hummus with assorted vegetable and pita chip dippers
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 50.25

Mini dessert assortment
Includes mini cookies, mini brownie bites and marshmallows
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 48.24

Sweet dip
Fresh strawberries, graham crackers, brownie bites, and mini cookies with marshmallow whip made into a dip
Serves up to 25
Sale price: 56.95


This menu is not available for events already booked.

Service subject to date/time availability.

Plates, napkins, and eating utensils not included.

Disposable chafing dishes available.

Booking fee is (credited towards final bill) is 50.00 for pick up

Delivery charge not included. Delivery includes set up.

500.00 minimum for delivery Monday through Friday

1000.00 minimum for delivery Saturday and Sunday

2000.00 minimum on holidays

2000.00 food/serviceware minimum on holidays

Booking fee (credited towards final bill) is minimum for date of service for delivery

7% Indiana sales tax added to final bill

Artisan Foodworks does not pay usage or facility fees to venues. Any such fees are the responsibility of the client.