Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gourmet Collection

Book by March 1, 2019 to save 25% on this menu for your 2019 event


19 Gourmet Collection
 A selection of upscale Hoosier favorites with a gourmet twist. Available as family style or buffet.


Roasted fig and ricotta flatbreads
Luxury flatbreads topped with Chef Alexa’s favorite combination

Lobster and popcorn soup shots
Chef Alexa’s award-winning creation

Roasted fig and ricotta flatbreads
Luxury flatbreads topped with Chef Alexa’s favorite combination

Lobster roll deviled eggs
A Bar Harbor favorite! Classic deviled eggs stuffed with Maine lobster

Chef’s choice canapes
An assortment of small bites on bread

Candied bacon on a stick
All the deliciousness in the world—on a stick

Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Jumbo shrimp with classic cocktail sauce

Charcuterie platter
Locally cured meats, pickled shrimp, olives, seasonal pickled veggies and fruit, salted almonds, bread and crackers appetizingly arranged

Cheese and berries display
A seasonal arrangement of imported and domestic cheeses with fresh berries, crackers, and crusty bread

Hummus duet
Roasted garlic hummus and KetoLuxe zucchini babaganoush with rainbow vegetable dippers


Whole smoked halibut
Charcoal roasted Alaskan halibut served with a variety of condiments. Upgrade for 5.00 each guest

Hickory-kissed prime rib
Lightly smoked over hickory. Served medium rare with seasonal sauces on the side

Grilled beef tenderloin
Grilled to medium rare and hand-carved at the buffet. Served with seasonal sauces on the side
Upgrade for 5.00 each guest

Captain’s pork loin
The Hoosier favorite served with a peach-rum sauce

Whole local pig
Smoked over hickory and pulled on site. Served with seasonal sauce assortment

Champagne chicken
Chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) in a champagne sauce

Classic grilled chicken breasts
Served with three seasonal sauces on the side

Honey and tangerine salmon
Grilled salmon filets with a delicious sauce

Wild mushroom mélange
Seasonal wild mushrooms, smoked walnuts and roasted garlic in a decadent cream sauce

On the Side

Field greens with fresh blackberries, sugared almonds, radishes, goat cheese, and honey-hemp seed dressing

Elegant salad of pears with bleu cheese, candied pecans, field greens, and Champagne vinaigrette

Seasonal vegetable sauté

Heirloom tomato display with fresh mozzarella, field greens, fresh basil, assorted olive oils, vinegars, and salts

Watermelon and feta salad

Tandoori spiced carrots

Grilled and marinated vegetable display

Asparagus spears with white balsamic vinegar

Bacon braised green beans

Red and gold potatoes with garlic and parsley butter

Country mashed potatoes

Goat cheese mashed potatoes

Grand Champion decadent macaroni and cheese

Fresh fruit display with marshmallow dip

Bread assortment: freshly baked, cornbread, and gluten free

S’more on a Stick Station

Twinkie tiramisu

Dessert handling service


Classic lemonade

Mixed berry lemonade

Fruited water

Southern sweet tea

Iced tea

Cucumber and lemon water

Water service (upgrade for 1.50 each guest)

Service Ware

Sustainably harvested banana palm leaf plates with flatware and deluxe paper napkins

Rustic blue enamelware with flatware and deluxe paper napkins

China with flatware, glassware, water service, and white cloth napkins (upgrade for 5.00 each guest)

Pricing, Each Guest
Appetizer Station with Buffet or Family Style service

Two Appetizers, one Entrée with three On the Side, two Drinks, and Service Ware: 50.00 
Sale Price 37.50

Three Appetizers, two Entrees with four On the Side, two Drinks, and Service Ware: 60.00
Sale Price 45.00

Four appetizers, three Entrees with five On the Side, two Drinks, and Service Ware: 66.00
Sale Price 49.50

Each additional Everything Else You Need: 3.00
Sale Price 2.25

Upgrade to passed appetizers: 5.00
Sale Price 3.75

The Fine Print

Appetizer station with buffet or family style service

Two hours of direct service included

1000.00 food/serviceware minimum Monday through Friday/Booking fee of 500.00

3000.00 food/serviceware minimum on Saturdays and Sundays/Booking fee of 1000.00

Handling fee will be charged for service ware and foods not provided by Artisan Foodworks

Professional catering equipment rental included with pricing (including but not limited to grills,  salt and pepper shakers, chafing dishes, platters, serving utensils, and busing trays)

20% service charge added to all services

10% gratuity added to all events

This menu may not be available at all venues.

Events more than 50 miles from our commissary may incur travel fees

Prices subject to change without notice unless there is pricelock

Artisan Foodworks does not pay venue fees. If applicable, venue charges for catering/kitchen are the responsibility of the people renting the venue.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

KetoLuxe Meal

KetoLuxe Meal
A keto, paleo, low carb, gluten free, sugar free drop off/pick up menu. 
Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



Sweet mustard glazed pork loin
This moist and tender dish is a top choice

Slow-smoked pulled pork barbecue
Using Chef Alexa’s own KetoLuxe barbecue sauce on the side.

Crack chicken
Shredded chicken with ranch seasoning, bacon, and cheese

Asiago chicken
Our original creation of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a gooey cheese and basil sauce with lemon

Beef barbacoa
Latin style braised beef

Succulent beef brisket*
Served with KetoLuxe barbecue sauce on the side

Portabella pizzas
Whole giant mushroom caps topped with KetoLuxe Marvelous Marinara, provolone, and fresh basil

Cauliflower paella
Vegan entrée of saffron-infused cauliflower rice with tofu, cashews, and  vegetables

Surprise me
Chef Alexa’s choice of an entrée based upon her inspiration. Dishes are not on this menu


Choose 2 entrees.
Comes with shirataki pasta salad of the day and LuxeBites. Disposable plates and utensils included.
15.00 each guest
*Upgrade for 2.50 each guest

Fresh from the garden salad with ranch and vinaigrette
2.50 each guest

Fresh berries n a light vanilla sauce
5.00 each guest

Cauliflower and goat cheese mash-up
2.50 each guest

Mac(adamias) and Cheese
3.50 each guest

Vinegar coleslaw
2.50 each guest

Bottled water
1.00 each person

Drop off or pick up. Delivery charge calculated based upon date and location. 500.00 minimum Monday through Thursday. 750.00 minimum for Fridays. 2000.00 minimum Saturday and Sunday.